Water Treatment Grade 3 Examination Prep Class

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Days: 3, Contact Hours: 21, Cost: TBD, Date: TBD, Time: 8AM-4PM

This class is designed to prepare operators for the SWRCB Water Treatment Grade 3 exam. Class can also fulfill CEU/Contact hours required for certification renewal. This is an in-depth overview of water treatment principles and applications. A sample of the subject matter that will be covered in class will encompass source waters & water treatment processes, conventional & direct, desalination, ion exchange & lime softening, principles of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration & disinfection, chemical dosing, fluoridation, controls & monitoring, water quality, contaminants, organics, inorganics, water borne microbes, regulations & safety. Water math applications include volume & flow rates, detention time, jar testing, chemical dosing, solution concentrations, and C·T values.