Sample of Previous Clients

Sample of Previous Clients

IDE / City of Santa Barbara

General Management and Regulatory Compliance: Provided plant management for the City of Santa Barbara’s Charles Meyer Desalination through IDE Technologies and facilitated meeting regulatory compliance at the county and state level, as well as, the provision of Hazwoper and Confined Space training. He was also instrumental in developing a Strategic Plan for plant operational performance.

OCT Water Quality Academy

Education, Training and Facilitation: Provided education and training for Water Treatment and Distribution professionals pursuing all levels of certification to meet the evolving needs of the water industry.

  • Sweet Water Authority
  • West Valley Water Agency
  • Castaic Lake Water Agency
  • San Juan Water
  • Solano Irrigation District
  • Ventura Water

Facilitated infra-structure assessments and Sustainable Management Work Shop In-A-Box seminars through USDA grants for colonias and rural water agencies in Imperial County, CA and Yuma, AZ.

  • City of El Centro
  • City of Brawley
  • Winterhaven
  • Imperial County
  • Seeley County Water District
  • Yuma

Lake Don Pedro Community Services District

Human Resources Management: Planned and executed a successful recruitment strategy for key personnel. Interviewed and evaluated applicants to match qualifications and experience with current and anticipated district needs.