Distribution Grade 4 Examination Prep Class

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Days: 3, Contact Hours: 21, Cost: TBD, Date: TBD, Time: 8AM-4PM

This class is designed to prepare operators for the SWRCB Distribution Grade 4 exam. Class can also fulfill CEU/Contact hours required for certification renewal. This is an in-depth overview of water distribution principles and applications. A sample of the subject matter that will be covered in class will encompass water system hydraulics, velocity & C-factor calculations, system maintenance, flushing programs, bio-film control methods, disinfection of mains, storage tanks & wells, chlorine & chloramines dosing, breakpoint chlorination, distribution pipes, valves, meters, hydrants & appurtenances, pumps & motors, SCADA & Telemetry, confined space & trench safety, AWWA Standards, regulations, and supervision. Water math applications will include unit conversions, area & volume, velocity & flow rates, detention time, chemical dosing, solution concentrations, pump & motor calculations, and operation costs.